Know what web marketing strategies and efforts are working.

If you’re putting effort into getting potential customers to your website it’s a must that these marketing efforts and web traffic are analyzed timely.  Google Analytics is the most popular web analytics application used to analyze and track performance of your website, and best of all, the tool is free! Implementing Google Analytics can provide you endless valuable insight, such as what pages entice the most visitors to fill out a form, where are your sight visitors learning about your business, demographic information such as geographic location, browsers, os, and devices used, and alot more great data. You can use the data in reports and dashboards from a Google Analytics implementation to then make decisions on what to change on your site, or what web marketing activities you should increase.

Delaware Digital Google Analytics implementation and configuration services, takes the free tool to another level. Like any powerful tool worth anything, GA allows you to customize alot to give you the data your business needs.

At Delaware Digital, we offer expert and best practice setup of your Google Analytics account and tracking that include all of the below:
1. Initial setup of account
Create user access(read-only and administrators)
Create Profiles
2. Hands on Configuration(the fun stuff):
Filter implementation
Web Store tracking
In-Site search tracking
Goal-funnel creation
Advanced segmentation creation
Campaign tagging
Page tagging
Report scheduling
Custom report building

So You Already Have Google Analytics Implemented…

We love data analysis at Delaware Digital but we also understand that though data may be interesting, the intelligence gained should be actionable. Therefore, it’s a must to have accurate data. If you are getting the feeling that this is not the case, we can perform a Google Analytics audit. We perform an audit in several steps:

GA Audit – First, we’ll peruse through your website’s Google Analytic Account, often we come across problems like unnecessary filters, false content reports, unnecessary Analytics profiles, missing basic features, misconfigured settings, incorrect campaign tagging and no/incorrect goal strategy, then of course, we’ll fix it.

Site Audit – This is when we’ll detect any structural or technical issues with your website that prevents accurate data collection; We scan your website to make sure analytics code is in all the right places; Thorough investigation into areas/features which were not being tracked earlier; Fix cross/sub-domain issues typically found in e-commerce sites or sites with user registrations; Home page, domain structure, and redirect setup; Detect issues using iFrames or dynamic pages

Custom Training Video, User Guide, and Documentation for your Google Analytics implementation – We’ll finish up by leaving you with a composed project document, user guide, and screen capture training video. We’ll include best practices tailored specifically to your organization that will help you navigate your Google Analytics Implementation so you can quickly add a new user, add custom filters, customize new profiles, build and schedule reports, tag and tracking new marketing campaigns, overview of GA interface, Google analytics glossary, best practices for alerts and annotations and, most importantly, creating goals, without the need of our support. Of course, we’re always here to answer any questions!

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