Reach buyers in the right place at the right time with enhanced and optimized Adwords campaigns.

PPC platforms such as Adwords can be very effective at both driving direct to consumer sales and generating leads for your business. Adwords optimization is a must to maximize your advertising spend. Without proper experience managing an adwords campaign, Adwords management can be a time-consuming, challenging, and expensive undertaking. What drives our success in managing our clients Adwords accounts is our methodical analysis and research, employing best practices during set-up, on-going monitoring and optimization of PPC campaigns.

What to expect with Delaware Digital Adwords Optimization Service.

Determine business goals, products, services, and your typical buyer through consultation
Perform competitive analysis to determine if there is even an opportunity to gain from PPC
Install an analytics tool such as Google Analytics to understand visitors behavior
Thorough keyword analysis and choosing the right keywords
Create manageable campaign groups
Write effective and compelling ad copy
Get the most out of a landing page with actionable layout and relavant copy
Analyze results and optimize

Ever notice ads that seem to follow you every where you go? This is “Retargeting” at work.

Thanks to advancements in web technology, A relatively new strategy has emerged called “retargeting”. Retargeting works by targeting customers who have already shown an interest in your business and have visited your website at some point in the past. A cookie is placed in visitors browser once they hit your site, so wherever they go on the web, your ad will periodically show up. Retargeting maximizes the time your business stays in front of potential customers, leading to higher conversion rates and increased return on investment.

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