Identify process bottlenecks, streamline lead management, and implement Salesforce best practices to ensure you are effectively leveraging your CRM tool to maximum effect.

One of our favorite things about marketing a business is the tools that get a business firing on all cylinders. Salesforce CRM is perhaps one of the most popular and powerful tools, but it requires much configuring and customizing to smoothly integrate into your business processes and sales workflows. This is where Delaware Digital can help.

Salesforce Data Migration done safe, securely, and fast

Your CRM data is extremely important to the prosperity of your business, and we understand this. A smooth Salesforce data migration is a phase in adoption that should not be taken lightly. This is why we adhere to best practices when migrating your business critical data from your legacy CRM to Salesforce. We’ll ensure your data is migrated safely, securely, and done right the first time.

If you’re attempting to do this yourself, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed right now. It takes the right amount of planning and experience to efficiently move your business to a new CRM platform. Delaware Digital will carefully map out all the steps that need to happen to make this transition as smooth as possible. This includes, logical field mapping, determining object relationships, backing up your crm data, setting up a sandbox for test migration, and validating salesforce data migration.

Let Delaware Digital help migrate your Legacy CRM data to Salesforce:

  • NetSuite to Salesforce
  • GoldMine to Salesforce
  • Sage ACT to Salesforce
  • Sugar CRM to Salesforce
  • ZohoCRM to Salesforce

Web Form to Salesforce Lead Capture Integration

Perhaps the most vital aspect of a CRM is the ability to automatically capture and feed leads to your sales teams from all the various campaigns run by marketing. Your website should act as a lead generating machine. If you’re current process has sales reps working leads from spreadsheets or email notifications, you’re probably wasting a ton of time, losing productivity, and critical performance intelligence. No matter what platform your website is built on, Delaware Digital can integrate your website to feed leads directly to your Salesforce CRM and have sales reps working leads directly out of SalesForce in real time.

Sales Process Integration and Salesforce Workflow Automation

Delaware Digital has expertise with the lead management process and can assist marketing and sales teams to optimize and align their lead to sales process for better lead prioritization, timely follow up, and lead quality. Through automation and integration, Sales and Marketing will gain better insight into lead progression, increase sales productivity and shorten sales cycles.

If you are looking for salesforce consulting in Delaware, PA, NJ, MD and you want to improve the use of Salesforce for your business request a free consultation here.

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