Why should you use Delaware Digital’s landing page design services?

A landing page is a critical piece of the web marketing puzzle. It’s a strategic page or set of pages created to act as a targeted visitors introduction to your service or product. A landing page will be the first impression of your business after the vistor follows a link from a search engine, a blog, a directory or any other place on the internet. It’s an art form to design an effective, engaging landing page that converts traffic.

Targeting Your Market

Landing page design should reflect something that appeals to the visitors you expect to arrive. Unless a visitor types your site URL directly in, external links will always control where a visitor arrives and this can be used strategically. If you sell a product, the landing page should pitch the relevant product directly to the visitor. This may mean that your website contains more than one landing page, and in many cases a landing page that operates externally to your main website design. A landing page design should encourage a transaction, sign up or a registration.

The following aspects should be considered when designing a landing page:

Opening Statement.
Keyword Density.
User Experience.
Call To Action.

If you are running a Pay Per Click campaign then its a must that landing pages are fully optimised, otherwise you will waste much of your advertising spend and lose out on converting clicks. The landing page is the final aspect of the overall SEO strategy. When so much time and effort has gone into developing a great SEO campaign, the optimization of your landing page or pages needs to in line with leg work done to attract the visitor. Talk to Delaware Digital about designing a super effective landing page.

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