If your website is stuck in the stone-ages or outdated, and the site needs to be reimagined, you’ve come to the right place.

It’s time to redesign your website with new look, features, and a structure that is SEO friendly and give a fresh feel.Some websites need small enhancements, others need to be rebuilt from the ground up. Whatever solution is right for you, Delaware Digital has the experience to make it happen. Approaching a website redesign strategically and in an organized manner will generate more leads than your current website, and give users are better experience.

The Delaware Digital Website Redesign Process:

Research and Analysis
Delaware Digital’s Web Redesign process starts with analyzing performance indicators of your existing site such as page popularity, what pages do visitors most often exit on, the technology your visitors commonly come to the site on (Mac or PC, IE, Safari, Firefox, iPhone, Tablet or Desktop). We’ll also examine the way your current design is implemented and any ill effects it has on your sites SEO performance. Other important factors such as web server hardware and configuration, which can literally make or break a web site’s performance are also checked.

After analysis is complete, let’s sit down and discuss findings – we want to hear your thoughts and reasons for the redesign. We’ll contribute our ideas and suggestions based upon our research. Next we’ll prepare a formal proposal and quote that will move the project forward.

Review & Approval
After getting a green light, we keep clients’ updated with the work. Keeping lines of Communication open through emails, chat services such as skype, and phones, reduce the chances of misunderstanding. Clear communication throughout also makes for a foolproof product, a happy client, and the satisfaction of a job well done.

Depending on the project, the complexity and scope of a website redesign varies greatly. The importance of seamless rollover is top of the mind so we’ll apply changes and flip switches in a way that will have virtually no impact on the website or your visitors.

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