Building a Marketing Database

To maximize the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, you should build a marketing database because:
1. It’s a must that businesses manage inquiries and other marketing touches from a wide array of online and offline sources.

2. Profiling and segmenting your leads, prospects, and customers can greatly increase lead flow, lead to sale conversion, and furtur opportunity to up-sell and cross-selling.

3. Driving campaigns, touches, and messaging to the right people at the right time, in the right place will give you a substantial competitive advantage, but requires the use of the right tools to provide customer intelligence.

Delaware Digital takes a balanced approach to building a marketing lead database. We take into account both marketing aspects and the technical considerations your typical IT admin emphasizes when building general databases. This balanced approach is a critical success factor for building a marketing database that is successful for an entire organization.

Rapid marketing automation for sales ready leads

Lead Nurturing and Lead Generation

Delaware Digital’s lead nurturing and lead generation service increases the chances of turning leads at any level of engagement into a sales ready lead, in turn boosting revenue. We determine from a combination of demographic data, purchase history, and responses to past marketing initiatives, who is going to best respond to specific messaging or offers. Analyzing complex data, providing actionable insight, and executing on data driven conclusions, is what Delaware Digital does. We’re a lead generation company that thrives on helping you drive revenue, optimizing your business, and executing campaigns based on the latest industry best practices.

Delaware Digital’s lead nurturing and generation service is extremely flexible. We can:

  • Help with a single program
  • Provide ongoing services as an intertwined part of your marketing team
  • Supply ongoing consultative services to support your team

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